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Established in 2014,Nick Shafer, founder, has been a full time Catfish, Crappie, and Bass Guide since 2008 by establishing Crappie Predator, his original and still ongoing guide service, as well as acquiring Rend Lake Fishing Guides a short time after, but has spent his entire life in the outdoors hunting and fishing.

Nick Shafer, established his fishing guide service for Southern Illinois because he wanted a work life that resembled not only his hobby life, but his overall lifestyle. Nick spends every possible minute on the water pursuing Crappie, Bass, Catfish and White Bass. When Nick isn’t fishing he can usually be found at his other passion, Hunting Waterfowl. But, by turning his passion for fishing into a full time aspiration, he’s able to offer his clients a quality experience.

Bob Shafer, Co-Founder and Guide, also shares this passion. After spending a quarter of his life in the corporate world, he finally traded in his suit and tie for board shorts and sunscreen. Both Bob and Nick offer a combined 70+ years of experience in competitive and recreational fishing.

We are available to serve you all year round. Many fishing styles, as well as different species of fish are available to suit your tastes and needs….all you need to do is fill out our quick and easy contact or billing forms! Fishing isn’t just in the Spring and Fall; fishing is great year round. As long as the lake isn’t frozen and we can get our boats in the water, we will catch fish!

Hogging, Noodling, Handfishing,

whatever you call it, we got you covered.

The Basics

ROD AND REEL CATFISHING on Rend Lake, you can expect to catch Channel Catfish within the 1 lb. to 10 lb. range, with the average catch being 2.5 lbs. On a good day, you could easily catch 50+ fish! You can expect to use a variety of baits depending on what they are hitting best at the time. Baits can include cut shad, night crawlers, and manufactured bait like Sunnys.

Channel Catfish can be caught year round on Rend Lake. Early in the year, we catch Cats in deep, main lake holes and along deep rock banks. Peek spawn, is in June and early July, we will mostly be fishing rocky shore lines where they come to spawn in the holes. After the spawn, we like to drift the shallow flats on the main lake. Any time we have had a recent heavy rain we could choose to go into feeder creeks or along one of the impoundment dams to fish the moving water.

HOGGING NOODLING, HAND FISHING, whatever you want to call it, we have you covered. Hogging is a form of fishing where you get into the water with the fish and use your hands as the “BAIT” – grabbing giant Catfish by the mouth and pulling them out of their holes!

Flatheads move in the “Holes” to hide and rest during the day. The key months are June, July, August, and early September. We will do our best to get you a chance at dragging out one of the “Big Boys’. The average weight of Flatheads we catch are 25 lbs., but fish 70 lbs. and bigger are possible.

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Rend Lake Catfish Guides offers Rod and Reel catfishing trips, as well as Hoggin’

Nick Shafer


Age: 36
Husband, Father
Hunter & Fisherman for 30+ Years!

Bob Shafer

Fishing Guide

Age: 54
Husband, Father
Hunter & Fisherman for 45+ Years!

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